Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Images of my first buck

  A few nights ago, while out on the four wheeler going around on our property I spotted a buck whose antlers were growing. I was pretty excited even with the sun almost down, I had to up the ISO to 3200 just to get enough lighting, which added some noise to the images.  I believe he comes to our property often, but not enough to predict when he will come so I am thinking of spreading some buck feed around hoping to attract him, I really hope he comes around during Fall and Winter, maybe I'll finally get one of those post card images of a large buck standing proud who knows. There was a doe with him, but I am not sure if he is a yearling still hanging around his mom or if they've just kind of partnered up this Summer.... usually bucks will hang with other bucks during Summer and Spring while the females will hang out with other females. Anyways, here are some of my images that I was able to soften and lighten up just a bit without ruining the image itself.

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