Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Around the House - Day 1 - 08/062013

  So I have begun my daily assignments of using my camera everyday, shooting images of strange or everyday average subjects. I decided to go around the house last night, though my house is relatively boring compared to others I still aimed for a few images of sorts. Right now, the one thing I really need to work on is creativity and composition and I think working with my camera everyday will help.
  Jax just chilling on the floor last night.
 My two favorite alcoholic beverages below

  The coat hanger out in the garage that we don't ever use, many times I thought about dusting it off but now I am glad I didn't.

 Little guy was trying to climb up on the entertainment center, hopefully by the time he would be able to, he'll understand not too.
Romeo was very curious of Dorian's foot, Romeo is such a sweetie. 
 Fixing some meat I decided to shoot some images, just goofing off really. Wasn't able to capture the image I wanted, more detail in the bubbly grease and the steam rising.

 And my husband being.......... a guy..

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