Sunday, August 25, 2013

Frog Follies 2013

   First time in years since I've been back to the Frog Follies, mainly due to how freaking hot it is but this time I was on a mission. Sadly due to having my mom, my son, Cameron and Jared with me I was kind of rushed through and only saw a fraction of the cars there in the span of the 2 hours but it was hot and there wasn't a cloud in the sky so I am not too unhappy about leaving around noon. Anyways I have about half of the images finished, here are just a few of my favorites:

  I need to do some research so I can actually know what vehicles I am taking photos of, but they were gorgeous and the sun really shined on them.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Around the House - Day 1 - 08/062013

  So I have begun my daily assignments of using my camera everyday, shooting images of strange or everyday average subjects. I decided to go around the house last night, though my house is relatively boring compared to others I still aimed for a few images of sorts. Right now, the one thing I really need to work on is creativity and composition and I think working with my camera everyday will help.
  Jax just chilling on the floor last night.
 My two favorite alcoholic beverages below

  The coat hanger out in the garage that we don't ever use, many times I thought about dusting it off but now I am glad I didn't.

 Little guy was trying to climb up on the entertainment center, hopefully by the time he would be able to, he'll understand not too.
Romeo was very curious of Dorian's foot, Romeo is such a sweetie. 
 Fixing some meat I decided to shoot some images, just goofing off really. Wasn't able to capture the image I wanted, more detail in the bubbly grease and the steam rising.

 And my husband being.......... a guy..

Images of my first buck

  A few nights ago, while out on the four wheeler going around on our property I spotted a buck whose antlers were growing. I was pretty excited even with the sun almost down, I had to up the ISO to 3200 just to get enough lighting, which added some noise to the images.  I believe he comes to our property often, but not enough to predict when he will come so I am thinking of spreading some buck feed around hoping to attract him, I really hope he comes around during Fall and Winter, maybe I'll finally get one of those post card images of a large buck standing proud who knows. There was a doe with him, but I am not sure if he is a yearling still hanging around his mom or if they've just kind of partnered up this Summer.... usually bucks will hang with other bucks during Summer and Spring while the females will hang out with other females. Anyways, here are some of my images that I was able to soften and lighten up just a bit without ruining the image itself.

The Vanderburgh County 4H Fair

  So we went to the fair the other weekend, about 2 weeks ago I guess and I took some images. Couldn't take as many as I wanted, we got there just as the sun was going down so I couldn't really use my flash without annoying people and that sucks. I did get images of the animals there, well not the horses as we didn't see them until we were leaving and everyone was in a hurry, and the horses really just wanted to be petted and not have some bright flash blinding them.
  Here are a few of the images I shot.

Along My Running Routes

   Pretty soon I am going to have to charge my P&S so I can take it along on runs, because I come across a lot of really fantastic sights that I should photograph. Here are just a few along some of my routes.

  I will try to post whenever I take these images, rather than waiting weeks and months before doing so. I really need to start being as devoted to my photography blog as I am to my running blog.

Ellis Park Horse Racing - My Second Time Shooting

   Back in 2008 I got to go to Ellis Park with my Sony Advanced P&S, and I've wanted to go back since. Just a couple weeks ago I finally went, with my T2i and got some really good images. I hope to go back again before Labor Day, when they stop the live racing though right now I also hope to have my weekends full of family portraits here soon. It was pretty hot, and due to a 25 minute break between each race, having Dorian (and my mom) there with me we only stayed for 2 races. 
  Here are a few of my favorite images from the track, I love horses and I love photographing them so what better way then capturing them galloping down a track?

Colon Screening for Life 5k - back in June

  The week following the mud run, I went and shot a road race called Colon Screening for Life 5k, and I really enjoyed that one that it got me wanting to race immediately. I wish I had blogged about it right afterwards, but I am getting it in here now and that is all that matters lol. I got quite a few images that I like, but I'll post my favorites on here.

  I wanted to get more pictures of her, but her mom and someone else kept getting in the way. I really like this image.

  Seeing the kids running and finishing with their parents was really awesome, I can only hope that Dorian is as enthusiastic about joining me in running. Photographing races is something I really enjoy as I also really love running races too, so I feel that I can capture images of emotion better than most because I know from experience when those emotions are showing best.

I've got a few pics that I should really blog about

  It is sad to say that I have been slacking since my last blog about the Mud Run, I shot another race the week after that and never posted any of my fave pictures, I shot a horse race at Ellis Park, I've got images from around the house and on my runs that I've never posted. My main reason is because every time I make a blog with images, all those images show up on my phone because of Google + I think, and it is taking up a lot of space and if I delete them then they are gone even from the blog posting.... so annoying but anyways I am going to spend the day adding those blogs that I should have added weeks ago.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Daily Assignments

   I am going to start disciplining myself and assigning daily subject to photograph, whether it is just out back behind the shop, in the shop or wherever I might be but I really need to start doing it. I might just start tonight or tomorrow, but I also need to go ahead and charge my little point and shoot so that I can carry it everywhere around me. A point and shoot is much easier to carry around with me than my T2i DSLR. Most likely the first assignment will be either scenery, machine shop life, home life, etc...  and once I get to taking Dorian on more and more walks and to the park more, I'll be able to take other photos.