Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Some Urban Exploration

  Yesterday I decided I needed some quality time with my camera, so I asked my mom if she could come to the shop and watch Dorian while I went out and took some photos. I honestly didn't really know where I was going to go or had any idea what I was going to shoot, but then I remember an abandoned home that was falling apart out on the west side of Evansville so I headed there first. When I got there, it was a jungle just to get to the house after climbing over a barbed wire fence. Then to my dismay I realized I would not be going into this house as it was so dilapidated and falling apart, I would have been endangering myself which is a risk I just cannot take when my little boy depends on me. Maybe in 10 years or so I will be more willing to risk my life, but not right now. I didn't get to go inside, but I got some pretty good shots on the outside that I was able to play around with in Lightroom and Corel Paintshop so it wasn't a total loss. Here are a couple of photos from that house.

  I have to admit that I am now a bit disappointed that I didn't try to get in there, I think I might go back and check out this door... maybe take someone with me to keep watch in case there is a no trespassing sign somewhere on that property (though I didn't see one).
  The other house I went to had caught on fire, and was in really bad shape but I did go in there and take some photos. Again I am a little upset that I didn't get up the nerve to go upstairs and more around the house BUT the fire had happened mainly upstairs and part of the upstairs floor was falling through. Here are a couple of photos from that house.

You can see the ceiling falling in

Overall, it really wasn't a bad day as these were my first abandoned houses and I was alone and nervous. Hopefully I'll get braver or talk someone into coming with me, to at least keep watch, maybe take some walkie talkies and have the other person sit in the Tahoe watching for people and keeping track of my whereabouts.