Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Photo Shoot with Jean Cross

   This last Sunday I did a short session with a friend who appears to have a dream for modeling, we have done 2 sessions now and it helps me as well. I started out in photography with the intent of sticking to just nature, but as the last couple of years have went by, things have slowly begun to broaden my interests. Nature; though I love it, take a lot of time and patience and a lot trial and error to get just one great shot - I just don't have that amount of time and patience anymore, it is very rare that I do and with a newborn on the way things are going to get tougher and crazier. I have found a fondness in photographing people, especially good looking people. Jean helps me with my communication skills - or lack of, and I help her as well. I haven't worked my camera in a long time, maybe 1 month and I had forgotten how exciting it was, this last photo shoot has brought that shutter bug back. This coming weekend we are hoping to go out and work on photos, but with the temperature promising cold I don't know how long we'll be out there and how well things will go. Here are a few photos of this last session with her.