Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Class and Assignment 4

  I don't keep up with this blog very well, class is going great and I am having a fun time. Assignment 4 was pretty cool though I feel I didn't get as many shots that I wanted, our midterm assignment has to come from my head though, she wants a theme and that is going to be hard for me to come up with. I am in a hurry right now so I will just post a couple of Assignment 4's photos:

Monday, August 29, 2011

Scott & Amanda's Wedding

   The wedding had gone so much better than I expected it to, it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed myself. Right now I am in class without my hard drive so I can't post any photos on here from it but I will try to remember as soon as I can. I don't think I would want to do weddings though, at least not the ceremony part because I wasn't sure where to be without getting in the way and it was a bit of a hassle. This pregnancy thing has been kicking my ass though, so I have been feeling blah.

Friday, August 26, 2011

First Wedding Shoot Ever - and Nervous!

   Tomorrow is my first wedding shoot, and even though it is my cousin Scott and his fiance's wedding, I am still nervous as hell. I am being paid for it so I want to make sure I get really great photos and do my job professionally, and I am scared that I might miss something or mess something up. Depending on how things go, I should have a lot of fun going through the editing process....... though I was planning on doing it Sunday but since we probably won't get home Sunday until around 3 or 4 p.m and I don't know how much energy I will have to go all the way to my office from home. I think I am more worried about not doing things correctly and not being everywhere at the same time to get those memorable photos..... the dressing room with the groom and his guys, then in the dressing room with the bride and her girls, and then shoot the group photos that I can. What will be extremely important is the ceremony and I will have to situate myself up front or near the front so that I can get the photos of everyone coming down the aisle and the audience. Ugh I am a nervous wreck! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rights as a Photographer

    Today I found that my stepson's girlfriend used one of my photos to fancy it up and do some really cool stuff to it, my only problem is that she didn't ask permission and didn't mention whose photo it was. When I told my stepson to let her know, he immediately got defensive and crappy about it, as if she has every right to mess with a photographer's photographs. Eventually the message got through to her, and we messaged each other so things are good.
    I don't remember if I have talked much about my new camera, but I love it and the new flash I bought is just awesome. I am so glad I made this decision, just in time for the wedding in late August that I will be photographing. I cannot wait to use the camera and flash for it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Canon EOS T2i

    I have only played with this camera a few times since getting it Saturday, but I already love it. The ISO quality, the ability with fireworks and the photos are just amazing. I am so happy that I made this decision quickly, some sacrifices had to be made but hopefully it will show to be quite worth it. I will be posting photos on here as soon as I get the chance, hopefully this weekend I can go out and play with it some.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I am So Very Excited

     I will admit that I have not been very devoted to my camera in the past couple of months, but things are about to change because I have upgraded to a Canon EOS T2i from my Sony a100. I am so excited, I have played with it a little and can already see the promise in this new camera. It will definitely take some time learning it but after that, the sky will no longer be the limit for me. I will be testing it's skills this weekend at Cameron's show down at the river camp and the fireworks as well, but before then I am going to have to figure it out so that I am not always on auto mode.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Today's Unexpected Inspiration

    Today I woke up not expecting to really use my camera, but my stepdaughter/friend asked if I could take her to Morganfield, KY to pick up some tires. Something told me to grab my gear, and when she asked why I was bringing my camera on a tiny little trip, I said........ you never know.
And what do you know, I am so glad that I did take it along with me, because we came upon a Thoroughbred stable and the horses were very playful. I am so happy and do not regret any of today now. Here are a few shots I got from this wonderful experience.